Six Pack SEC Football Picks: Week 11


Here are your Six Pack SEC Picks for Week 11.

GAMEStan JonesPete FoxBrent WisemanDon YatesFK FriedmanNate Yates
South Carolina at Floridafloridasouth carolinafloridafloridafloridaflorida
Vanderbilt at Missourivandymissourimissourivandymissourimissouri
Kentucky at Tennesseekentuckykentuckytennesseekentuckykentuckykentucky
Ole Miss at Texas A&Mtexas a&mtexas a&mtexas a&mtexas a&mtexas a&mtexas a&m
LSU at Arkansas
Auburn at Georgiageorgiageorgiageorgiageorgiageorgiageorgia
Mississippi State at Alabamaalabamaalabamaalabamaalabamaalabamaalabama
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