Texas A&M Commit Victory Vaka a Dominant Lineman

Texas A&M Recruiting Update

Sometimes when a coach is recruiting for a certain position it is all about finding a specific body type. Defensive tackle is one of those positions – it’s a fairly hard spot to play ar 250 pounds for example – and it is a spot where bigger (as long as bigger is athletic) is usually better.

By Steve Wright

Meet Victory Vaka who just committed to Texas A&M as part of their 2021 recruiting class. Vaka – a 4-star defensive tackle out of Westlake Hills (Calif.) High School is a massive human. At 6-foot-3 and somewhere between 335 and 350 pounds, Vaka picked the Aggies over the likes of Florida, Florida State, and Oregon.

Vaka is the No. 203 overall player in the class but that ranking could go up with a big senior season. He is an interesting prospect because while he clearly has the size to play at nose tackle, he is also a technically solid player who would be able to play as a technique based tackle if he can control his weight.

You can see in this video that Vaka is a player who is almost impossible to block one on one at the high school level. His ability to get push on the inside if going to be a nightmare for SEC to deal with is – as projected – he is able to be a multiple year starter for the Aggies. If Vaka is able to add some explosion to his already dominant rush, then he will be a monster inside in College Station.

Watching this video it is easy to see what Vaka brings to the table. There is no subtlety here, no need to really study the ins and outs. He is a raw and physically dominant player who – with the right coaching – can grow into the type of player offenses have to plan around. Conditioning will be a huge factor in the development of the 4-star recruit and his ability to collapse pockets at the college level.

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