Player Evaluation: Tennessee Commit Nate Evans

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Nate Evans is a 6-foot-1, 174 pound defensive back from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Evans verbally committed to Tennessee on November 10, 2019. National Recruiting Analyst DT Yates has reviewed Evans‘s scouting video and provides comments on his strengths and weaknesses.

by DT Yates

Nate Evans has great pass coverage skills and a terrific ability to attack balls. Excellent of getting his hand in to knock passes away. Flexible lower body and good at getting his hips turned around to run. Skillful at getting the inside positioning against receivers like we see at the 1:15 mark in the video below. Good reaction time after getting his head turned around. Solid length and height displaying the kind of confidence you like seeing in a cornerback. Has room to add weight. Does well in zone coverage. Continuing to develop man coverage skills may give Evans a lock down dominance status. As a receiver he makes good adjustments to the ball.

Nate Evans Highlights

Nate Evans Vital Attributes

size, level 4
speed level 3
athleticism level 4
strength level 3
explosiveness level 4
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