Player Evaluation: Florida Commit George Jackson

football player National Recruiting Analyst DT Yates has reviewed Jackson‘s scouting video and provides comments on his strengths and weaknesses.

by DT Yates

Watching George Jackson dwarf over his helpless opponents who he repeatedly pounds into the ground is not unpleasant. He was listed at 6’5 and 315 pounds as sophomore but is larger now and may develop into a force as that is toned with more strength. Excellent at using leverage to beat defenders. As shown at the 3:58 mark in the video below, Jackson drives through his opponent to make a clear path for a first down. He has a large amount of physicality that pairs nicely with his size. Possesses the awareness needed to pick up blitzes in passing scenarios and not be beat by opposing defensive stunts and schemes.

George Jackson Highlights

George Jackson Vital Attributes

size, level 5
speed level 3
athleticism level 3
strength level 4
explosiveness level 4
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