The Best of SEC Football in Week 11

Team flags at outside at SEC Media days

Week 11 of the SEC season saw more than its fair share of good things happening. Here is a look at the best the week had to offer.

By Steve Wright

5 – Georgia

The Bulldogs sit on the list this week because they finally answered the question of what would happen if they were down against a good offense. The answer was simply that they would dial everything they do up about five more notches and prove why they are the best team in the country by a hefty margin. Down 10-7 against Tennessee, there was no panic. Instead, the defense tightened to the point of allowing 1.5 yards per rush in the second half and the Bulldogs outscored the Vols 34-7 the rest of the way.

4 – Alabama Punt Block

I’m just not sure I have ever seen a punt before where it looks like five different players break through to the point they are fighting each other to get the block. I have no idea what the New Mexico State personal protectors must have been thinking as they were descended on like the final scenes in Braveheart, but the resulting block was inevitable from about half a second after the ball was snapped. The only mysteries are how the blocked ball went so high and how Jaylen Moody didn’t score.

3 – AJ Finley’s pick-six

This was a cool play not only because it sealed a win for the Rebels based on defensive performance for a change, but also because the best pick-sixes are the ones where a defender breaks on a ball just like this. AJ Finley comes flying into the frame like he was shot out of a cannon, already hitting full speed before the Aggies even realize he has the ball. Then it becomes a 52-yard footrace to the end zone, one Finley is never going to lose given how good his attacking of the ball was to make this turnover happen.

2 – Tyler Badie

How Badie goes, Mizzou goes. Badie has been scripted out of a few games this year because the Mizzou defense has been generationally awful against the run, but when he is able to get in a full workload he has been nonsense good. This was the case again on Saturday in the Tiger’s three-point win over South Carolina. Badie went over 200 yards for the fourth time this year as the bell cow of a back rushed a punishing 34 times for 209 yards and a touchdown. His ice bath in the locker room was well deserved.

1 – Bryce Young to Jameson Williams

This is a special quarterback to wide receiver combination. Bryce Young had five touchdown passes before he was pulled in a game where he could have had 20 if he wanted. Three of those passes went to Jameson Williams, a player who has the speed to make SEC defenses look stationary, let alone the defense of New Mexico State. I don’t know why there isn’t more Heisman buzz around Williams – Young looks for him every time the Crimson Tide needs a big play – but it sure is a fun combination to watch.

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