The Worst of SEC Football in Week 11

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I am not sure if it would be classed as piling on or not to just make this list entirely about the Florida defense. Just know it was tempting. Here are the Week 11 disasters.

5 – Texas

The only reason the Longhorns aren’t higher on this list is because they aren’t technically an SEC member for a few more years. Even so, their place is thoroughly deserved as there is legitimately no reason for Texas football to ever be bad. One of the stats after the Kansas Jayhawks beat Texas 57-56 on a two-point conversion in overtime is insane. It was the Jayhawk’s first conference road win since 2008. It is the first time Texas has lost five straight since Dwight D. Eisenhower was president. My favorite, however, is that since 2016 Kansas is 2-3 against Texas and 2-47 against the rest of the Big 12. This is a team that is supposed to add even more football power to the SEC. They have a long way to go.

4 – Alabama scheduling New Mexico State

I get why this is a thing, especially late in the season so that players essentially get a bye (unless you schedule Samford apparently) but as a fan of college football in general it just feels like games in November should all be meaningful. It will never change – and the success of the SEC over the last 20 years suggests it is the right tactic – but any game that is 49-3 at the half is interesting for exactly no one.

3 – Matt Corral’s sliding ability

There is a play just into the fourth quarter of the Ole Miss/Texas A&M game on Saturday where Matt Corral could easily have found himself out for the season. The score was 15-10 Ole Miss – and I get the desire to fight for every yard – but the collision between Corral and Texas A&M cornerback Tyreek Chappell when Corral half dove/half fell forwards at the end of a designed run just looked wrong. Chappell was initially called for targeting – which was rightfully reversed as it probably wasn’t even a penalty – but Corral just has to be smarter given the injuries he is playing through and what he means to the Rebels’ team.

2 – Auburn

The Tigers are really just lucky that Florida did what Florida did on Saturday because it has shielded some of the coverage – outside of Alabama at least – of an all-time level collapse. You cannot go up 28-3 and be cruising in a conference matchup – a divisional one no less – and then give up 40 straight points. Some unit – or some coach or some player – simply has to step up and stop the rot in that situation. Auburn failed so hard to do that in losing 43-34, right down to a ridiculous call to go for two points when an extra point would have been enough to make things a one-possession game.

1 – Florida’s defense

Was there ever any doubt this would sit here. The firing of a defensive coordinator is generally done with the intention of improving a unit. Florida managed to go entirely the other way in a game where they gave up a mind-numbing 52 points and 530 yards to an FCS offense that had led its team, at that point, to a mighty 4-5 record. That the Gators celebrated the 70-52 win in the locker room like they had just won a national title should offend any Florida fan to their core.

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