The Worst of SEC Football in Week 10

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There was – once again – plenty going on in the world of college football this weekend. Here is a look at five of the worst things that happened in the SEC over the last few days.

By Steve Wright

5 – The Kentucky secondary

Woof. What looked to be a promising season for the Wildcats has fallen off of the rails as they continually fail to put a complete game together. Kentucky held the ball for 46 minutes, scored 42 points, and put up 612 yards of offense. They, however, still lost by three points as Tennessee did what it wanted through the air (including two 70+ yard touchdowns in its first four plays) as whatever UK was doing in its back seven was brutalized.

4 – Mike Leach and his kickers

Sure, it is frustrating when a potential game-tying field goal is missed. As a head coach though – especially at the college level where these are still young adults – you have to be above throwing anyone under the bus. This is especially true when the person doing the throwing is the head coach. We all know that Mike Leach is good for a sound bite – be it for good or for bad – and claiming that Mississippi State would be holding kicking tryouts after said missed field goal against Arkansas is just a bad look.

3 – Isaiah Spiller’s decision to cut back

I love a good cutback run. One where the play starts left, the defense figures it out, yet the running back is smart enough to reverse his field and scoot for (often) a great many yards in the opposite direction. This is not what happened here. Isaiah Spiller took a handoff to the left and his edge was immediately closed off. Clearly thinking a Barry Sanders-style run was o the card, the elusive Spiller put his foot in the ground and turned to go the other way. At that same moment Auburn linebacker Ladarius Tennison beat two blockers and ended those thoughts instantly as he blew Spiller to pieces. It is one of those hits you can hear and made the cutback a disaster.

2 – Six (6!!!) rushing yards for Alabama

It is hard to work out what is going on at Alabama this season on offense. It is not like there have been a rash of injuries taking away the biggest weapons for the Crimson Tide, yet all the 4-star and 5-star recruits out there just aren’t getting it done. Alabama finished with just six rushing yards on Saturday against LSU – who are 4-5 remember – relying on the defense to pull them through it what was a disastrous performance on the ground. It is hard to see how ‘Bama challenges Georgia unless some things change in a hurry.

1 – Florida

This is just bad. Florida still has no idea what it is as a team and head coach Dan Mullen is in serious trouble after losing 40-17 to South Carolina. This will sting for a team that is one of the proudest – and should be one of the most talent-rich – in all of college football, as the Gamecocks won by 23 behind their third string quarterback, a player who is a transfer from FCS level school St. Francis. It isn’t just the loss, it is that this wasn’t close and you wonder how much Mullen will have to do down the stretch to save his job.

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