This Week in SEC Baseball: Week 2

SEC Baseball This WEEK

We now move on to Week 2 of SEC Baseball. Look inside for this week’s SEC Baseball schedule including TV, start times and more.  

DayDate OpponentCTET
TueFeb 19Alabamavs Jacksonville St3:00 PM CT4:00 PM ET
WedFeb 20Alabamavs Alabama State3:00 PM CT4:00 PM ET
FriFeb 22Alabamavs Ball State3:00 PM CT4:00 PM ET
SatFeb 23Alabamavs Ball State2:00 PM CT3:00 PM ET
SunFeb 24Alabamavs Ball State1:00 PM CT2:00 PM ET
ThuFeb 21Arkansas@ USC9:00 PM CT10:00 PM ET
FriFeb 22Arkansas@ USC8:00 PM CT9:00 PM ET
SatFeb 23Arkansas@ USC8:00 PM CT9:00 PM ET
TueFeb 19Auburnvs Alabama A&MTBATBA
WedFeb 20Auburnvs Alabama A&MTBATBA
FriFeb 22Auburn@ UCF5:00 PM CT6:00 PM ET
SatFeb 23Auburn@ UCF5:00 PM CT6:00 PM ET
SunFeb 24Auburn@ UCF12:00 PM CT1:00 PM ET
TueFeb 19Florida@ South Florida5:30 PM CT6:30 PM ET
WedFeb 20Floridavs North Florida5:00 PM CT6:00 PM ET
FriFeb 22Floridavs Miami5:30 PM CT6:30 PM ET
SatFeb 23Floridavs Miami5:30 PM CT6:30 PM ET
SunFeb 24Floridavs Miami12:00 PM CT1:00 PM ET
TueFeb 19Georgia@ Kennesaw St4:00 PM CT5:00 PM ET
FriFeb 22Georgiavs UMass Lowell4:00 PM CT5:00 PM ET
SatFeb 23Georgiavs UMass Lowell1:00 PM CT2:00 PM ET
SunFeb 24Georgiavs UMass Lowell12:00 PM CT1:00 PM ET
SunFeb 24Kentucky@ Texas Tech1:00 PM CT2:00 PM ET
WedFeb 20LSU@ Northwestern St6:00 PM CT7:00 PM ET
SunFeb 24LSUvs Bryant2:00 PM CT3:00 PM ET
WedFeb 20Mississippi Statevs UAB6:30 PM CT7:30 PM ET
SatFeb 23Mississippi Statevs Southern Miss2:00 PM CT3:00 PM ET
ThuFeb 21Missouri@ Northeastern6:00 PM CT7:00 PM ET
SatFeb 23Missouri@ Rhode Island1:00 PM CT2:00 PM ET
SunFeb 24Missouri@ Rhode Island10:00 AM CT11:00 AM ET
FriFeb 22Ole Miss@ Tulane6:30 PM CT7:30 PM ET
WedFeb 20South Carolinavs Presbyterian3:00 PM CT4:00 PM ET
TueFeb 19Tennesseevs N Kentucky3:30 PM CT4:30 PM ET
FriFeb 22Tennesseevs Indiana3:30 PM CT4:30 PM ET
SatFeb 23Tennesseevs Indiana1:00 PM CT2:00 PM ET
FriFeb 22Texas A&Mvs UIC6:30 PM CT7:30 PM ET
SatFeb 23Texas A&Mvs UIC2:00 PM CT3:00 PM ET
WedFeb 20Vanderbiltvs Evansville4:30 PM CT5:30 PM ET
FriFeb 22Vanderbiltvs Pepperdine4:30 PM CT5:30 PM ET
SunFeb 24Vanderbiltvs Pepperdine1:00 PM CT2:00 PM ET

Check back with SEC Baseball for scores, highlights, previews, predictions and more.

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