CWS Baseball Highlights/Postgame: Vanderbilt 3, Louisville 1

Austin Martin-Tim Corbin

The Vanderbilt Commodores defeated the Louisville Cardinals 3-1 on Sunday in Omaha at the College Baseball World Series. Look inside for highlights, press comments and a play-by-play.

Score by Innings R H E
Louisville.......... 000 010 000 - 1 8 1
Vanderbilt.......... 100 000 20X - 3 5 1

Play by Play

Louisville starters: 7/cf Dunn; 43/1b Wyatt; 2/ss Fitzgerald; 13/3b
Binelas; 20/lf Snider; 9/dh Oriente; 1/rf Campbell; 16/2b Lavey;
32/c Davis; 42/p Detmers;
Vanderbilt starters: 16/3b Martin; 51/rf Bleday; 10/ss Paul; 5/c
Clarke; 18/cf DeMarco; 19/lf Scott; 2/2b Ray; 20/dh Duvall; 22/1b
Infante; 66/p Fellows;
Louisville 1st – No play. Dunn grounded out to ss (1-1 KB). Wyatt
flied out to cf (3-2 BKBBK). Fitzgerald out at first 1b to p (0-0).
0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.
Vanderbilt 1st – Martin homered to left field, RBI (0-0). Bleday
singled to first base (2-2 BBKF). Paul struck out swinging (2-2
SBBSS). Clarke flied out to rf (2-2 BBFF). DeMarco walked (3-2
SFBBBFB); Bleday advanced to second. Scott struck out swinging (1-2
BKSS). 1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.
Louisville 2nd – Binelas struck out swinging (1-2 KBFS). Snider
reached on a throwing error by ss (2-0 BB). Oriente popped up to 2b
(0-0). Campbell struck out swinging (2-2 FSBBFS). 0 runs, 0 hits, 1
error, 1 LOB.
Vanderbilt 2nd – Ray walked (3-2 KBBSFBB). Ray stole second, advanced
to third on a throwing error by 1b. Duvall walked (3-2 BBBKFB).
Infante struck out swinging (2-2 KBFBS). Martin grounded into
double play 2b to ss to 1b (0-1 K); Duvall out on the play. 0 runs,
0 hits, 1 error, 1 LOB.
Louisville 3rd – Lavey struck out swinging, out at first c to 1b (1-2
BFSS). Davis singled to left field (1-0 B). Dunn struck out
swinging (1-2 FFBS). Wyatt flied out to lf (0-0). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0
errors, 1 LOB.
Vanderbilt 3rd – Bleday walked (3-1 BBBKB). Paul struck out swinging
(1-2 KKBS). Clarke popped up to 2b (0-0). DeMarco singled to right
field (2-2 KBFB); Bleday advanced to second. Scott popped up to c
(0-0). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 2 LOB.
Louisville 4th – Fitzgerald hit by pitch (1-1 KB). Binelas flied out
to cf (0-0). Fitzgerald failed pickoff attempt. Fitzgerald failed
pickoff attempt. Fitzgerald failed pickoff attempt. Fitzgerald out
at second c to ss, caught stealing. Snider singled up the middle
(1-1 BS). Snider failed pickoff attempt. Snider advanced to second
on a wild pitch. Oriente grounded out to ss (3-1 BBKB). 0 runs, 1
hit, 0 errors, 1 LOB.
Vanderbilt 4th – Ray walked (3-0 BBBB). Ray out at second c to ss.
Duvall struck out looking (3-2 KBFBBK). Infante flied out to cf
(3-2 FFBBB). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.
Louisville 5th – Campbell flied out to cf (2-1 BSB). Lavey doubled
down the lf line (0-1 S). Davis singled up the middle, RBI (0-0);
Lavey scored. Dunn singled to center field (1-0 B); Davis advanced
to second. Wyatt singled to left field (1-2 KSB); Dunn advanced to
second; Davis advanced to third. Fitzgerald fouled out to 1b (0-1
K). Binelas out at first 1b to p (1-1 BS). 1 run, 4 hits, 0 errors,
3 LOB.
Vanderbilt 5th – Martin flied out to lf (0-0). Bleday flied out to cf
(3-2 BBBKF). Paul grounded out to ss (0-1 K). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0
errors, 0 LOB.
Louisville 6th – Snider struck out looking (2-2 BBFKFK). Oriente
singled to right center (1-0 B). Campbell grounded out to p, SAC,
bunt (0-1 K); Oriente advanced to second. Lavey struck out swinging
(1-2 FBSFS). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 1 LOB.
Vanderbilt 6th – Clarke grounded out to 2b (1-2 KSB). DeMarco walked
(3-2 BBBKFB). DeMarco failed pickoff attempt. Scott popped up to 1b
(2-1 KBB). Hoeing to p for Detmers. Ray struck out swinging (2-2
BKBFS). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.
Louisville 7th – Davis lined out to rf to right center (2-1 BSB).
Dunn grounded out to 2b (2-1 SBB). Wyatt walked (3-2 BBKKBB).
Fitzgerald flied out to rf (1-2 SSB). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 1
L O B .
Vanderbilt 7th – Duvall struck out swinging (1-2 BSSS). Infante
doubled down the lf line (0-0). Martin homered to left center, 2
RBI (1-0 B); Infante scored. Bleday walked (3-2 FBBFBB). Kirian to
p for Hoeing. Bleday failed pickoff attempt. Paul grounded into
double play ss to 2b to 1b (2-2 BSBF); Bleday out on the play. 2
runs, 2 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.
Louisville 8th – King to p for Fellows. Binelas grounded out to ss
(1-1 BK). Snider walked (3-0 BBBB). Brown to p for King. Oriente
grounded out to 3b (0-1 K); Snider advanced to second. Campbell
struck out swinging (1-2 FFFBFS). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.
Vanderbilt 8th – Clarke struck out swinging (1-2 SBFS). DeMarco
struck out looking (2-2 FSFBBK). Scott lined out to 2b (2-2 FBFB).
0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.
Louisville 9th – Lavey grounded out to 3b (0-0). Davis grounded out
to 2b (2-2 FKBB). Britton pinch hit for Dunn. Britton singled to
third base (1-1 BK). Leonard pinch ran for Britton. Wyatt flied out
to cf (2-0 BB). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

Vanderbilt Quotes

TIM CORBIN: That was a well-pitched game by both
sides, but certainly our guy was very good. I thought
he threw a lot of strikes at the beginning of the game
and continued to pound the zone, make it tough on a
very good hitting team, a very offensive team that does
not strike out, that does not give up.
The sixth inning obviously was a big inning for
Vanderbilt. We had the bases loaded and one out, and
him having to navigate through Fitzgerald and Binelas,
two very good hitters, and he got the pop-up and
settled in and got the ground ball and got over to first
Once he got there, I thought he did a nice job bouncing
back in the seventh, got us deep into the ballgame.
The difference for us today was the big hits by Marty,
and he put us on his back a little bit with the lead-off
home run, threw the first punch, and then certainly the
two-run home run.
But Detmers is tough to solve. I thought we did a good
job against him in terms of running the pitch count up,
but he was a kid that did not break throughout the
game. He’s very good at what he does, and that’s an
excellent team. So we were fortunate.
Q. Austin, you’re supposed to have jitters and all
this for your first College World Series at-bat. How
much had you thought about the first pitch and the
first at-bat, and what did you think about when you
visualized that first pitch?
AUSTIN MARTIN: I mean, not much. I just tried to
keep it simple. Yeah, you’re right, I definitely did have
jitters. I mean, I feel like everybody would, coming into
this amazing environment. But I just tried to keep it
simple, just tried to see the ball as well as possible.
Q. Austin, do you typically like to swing at very first
pitches in an at-bat? And also, could you kind of
take us through the game-winner there that you hit
in the seventh?
AUSTIN MARTIN: I mean, I swing at them if they’re
strikes. Usually you’ll see pitchers try to just get that
first strike away just so they can get into their rhythm.
So I’m always ready for that first pitch.
In the seventh, Julian started off with a double. It was
a huge, huge hit by him. But once again, just not trying
to do too much. I have eight other guys behind me that
can swing the bat very well, so I mean, fortunately it
just happened to be me today.
Q. Drake, what was your game plan against that
lineup today? Coach talked about how difficult
those guys are to navigate. You were able to do
that very successfully. What was the plan, and
how do you feel like you executed it?
DRAKE FELLOWS: I feel like the plan was just to go
out there and attack the hitters and just getting all my
pitches over for strikes, especially the fastball
command wasn’t really there last week, and I think that
was just the plan of attack, to just keep the location
down and attacking the zone and not getting too wild.
And then the offense gave me a little bit of boost, as
well, with A-Mart’s two home runs which gave me a
little bit more cushion, a little more comfortable to just
go out there and attack the hitters.
Q. Austin, the go-ahead home run in the seventh,
seemed like it kind of got in on your hands a little
bit. How were you able to adjust and get the barrel
on it?
AUSTIN MARTIN: It was an off-speed pitch, so I had a
little bit of extra time. Coming into that, I actually talked
to Harrison and he was telling me that he was attacking
in. Thanks to him, I took his advice, took a couple
steps off the plate, a couple inches away from the
plate, so I gave myself a little bit more room. I saw the
spin early off my front shoulder and just tried to put the
best swing I could put on it.
Q. Drake, how much of a lift does that lead-off
home run give you guys, not just for you
personally given that it’s in support of you, but just
as a team to get off to a start like that against
DRAKE FELLOWS: It’s huge. That gets everybody
going and you know everybody in the lineup can do
some damage, and for Austin to lead off with the first
pitch for a home run is huge and gives everybody that
confidence that they need.
Q. Julian, Louisville’s coach in here a minute ago
said we lost to their best player, talking about
Austin. I’m not asking you to vote on the best
player on the team, but what does that depth mean,
to have more than one guy be that caliber of player
in this lineup?
JULIAN INFANTE: It means simply today, Austin was
the best player for us, and he did perform amazing. To
say that, it’s true. He did a great job.
But again, our lineup, I think we can do some damage
1 through 9, and that’s exciting for us. But at the end of
the day, it’s just we’re all good players and we all
approach the game the same way, and there’s no best
player and there’s no player on this team that thinks
they’re the best player.
Q. Four of your last seven over the last two games,
all four are home runs. How much discipline does
it take for you? You’ve got 11 in your career. How
much discipline does it take for you to keep that in
perspective when you go up to the plate on
AUSTIN MARTIN: I don’t try to think about it too much.
I try to separate every at-bat into a different AB. At the
end of the day, you just don’t try to do too much when
you’re at the plate. The results will happen.
Q. Tim, I don’t know if clutch is the word, but could
you just talk about what Austin did in terms of
doing that in his first College World Series game?
And is it possible a .400 hitter can be overlooked
with JJ also on the team?
TIM CORBIN: I guess it depends on your game plan
and your perspective and what you want to do. I don’t
think so. He certainly doesn’t get overlooked because
people realize he’s a good hitter. He’s a very
competitive hitter. He’s a very competitive player. The
ball to him has a tremendous amount of meaning.
That’s on the offensive side of things and defensive
side of things. He’s just as good a competitor as we’ve
But I don’t want to throw the word “clutch” on him
because I think he’s so consistent in what he does. It’s
just game after game, he doesn’t take games off, he
doesn’t take pitches off. He’s just a very good focuser,
if there’s such a thing. He focuses so well from pitch to
pitch, and everyone, their goal is to play that way, but
he does it.
Q. A little bit along that same line, you understand
what this is like and the tension and the kids have
to feel and starting out like that. How much do you
enjoy just watching a kid go up there, feeling what
he must have been feeling in his first at-bat and
doing what he did so quickly?
TIM CORBIN: Well, I’m happy for him that he can do
that. I think this is a very difficult game to play. I think
it’s the toughest one all teams have to play. To start off
in this environment, we’ve done it four times, but it’s not
easy. I told them when they got through that game,
that might be the most difficult game they play,
regardless of what happens after this. But it’s real.
There’s an adrenaline rush, and to settle in, and Austin
in that moment right there, his ability just to center on
baseball, not understanding the rhythm of the pitch and
the speed, and Detmers has that good spin rate to his
fastball, that’s a clutch moment. Those are different
people that do those things. That’s not common.
Q. What would you say has been the biggest
catalyst for Austin going from where he was last
year being a really nice, quality player for you guys
to being on another level this year?
TIM CORBIN: Doing better academically, centering. I
mean that. Brain, development of the brain. It’s the
one reason kids come to college. I think once you start
to understand routine, you start to understand mental
organization, then you start to understand what
success is, and it’s just doing a lot of small things right
on a daily basis, and he’s done that.
I can’t tell you it’s always there. Now, he’s always a
competitor. That’s from his parents. That’s innate. But
how he’s been able to develop as a person and
baseball player is very much the development of his
Q. What can you tell me that gets players and your
approval of the Vandy whistler coming to games
and doing what he does?
TIM CORBIN: I’m not going to engage in that. I’m just
worried about my team.
Q. On Drake, it seems like there’s this, we’re just
going to stick with him. He’s 90, 100 pitches
almost every game. Is there just a trust that’s been
built there that you’re going to stick with him deep
into the innings?
TIM CORBIN: No doubt. We trust the kid, and I don’t
think when you trust someone — just because they
don’t have a game or potentially two games to their
liking or to our liking doesn’t mean you dismiss the kid
and the fibers of the kid.
He’s a very competitive young man, and in a lot of
ways I felt like if he had two tougher outings, he wasn’t
going to have a third. I just felt like he would pitch well
today, and Brownie did, too. That’s not just me, that’s
Brownie. But I think the strength of our team is the
ability to keep everything consistent and keep harmony
within the team and have a lineup that’s consistent,
have a rotation that’s consistent. When a family is
upside down and something is different every week,
then you just can’t have consistency in thought, and
they do, because of that.
Q. With Austin’s little mini-power surge here that
he’s on the last couple games. Does that come as
any surprise to you, that he’s been able to hit those
four in a row now?
TIM CORBIN: No, it doesn’t really come as a surprise
because I think he can get to the middle of the ball
consistently, just like JJ. So I know JJ — the question I
get asked a lot is, are the numbers surprising to you for
JJ? They’re not surprising because if he wasn’t taken
out seven weeks last year, there would have been
double-digit home runs with him, too. But JJ in time
learned how to get to the ball and not have to recruit
power, and because he didn’t recruit power, then power
came to him. And I think Marty is learning that.
I think there’s a time in a hitter’s life where you start to
understand how to hit the ball, and the swing that he
took today, I thought that was a very good pitch. What
Marty did that he couldn’t do in February, March and
April was slide his hands inside the ball in order to
generate back spin, and that just takes time. He’s,
what, 260, 270 at-bats into this, and that’s where kids
learn if they can just bottle up a lot of at-bats they
understand how to increase power without
manufacturing it.
Q. (No microphone).
TIM CORBIN: Take your pick. The second one is
where he slid his hands in. The second one, was that
centered? Yeah, okay, good swing either one.
Q. Back to Drake, he’s obviously established that
rhythm early in the game it seemed like. How
important is that for him to get off to that good
start early in the game? Is that something that was
kind of a key versus his previous outings when
he’s maybe struggled a little bit?
TIM CORBIN: Yes. I think what was helpful to him was
the fastball command and how he got to that quicker
into this game. The first and second and third inning
he had some quick innings, and I think that gave him a
shot of adrenaline himself and some confidence.
That always concerns me first game, pitchers being a
little bit wild and so on. But I thought he did a nice job
of getting to the glove and being the aggressor.
Q. This is the last one on Drake, but with that
bases-loaded jam, you guys go to calm down a
little bit, what did you maybe sense about his
demeanor there and what did he execute
specifically to get out of that jam?
TIM CORBIN: That’s just good pitches. That’s a very
difficult group of hitters that he was facing. Fitzgerald
is a very good player and a very good hitter, and
Binelas, he’s not a freshman. He doesn’t look like a
freshman, he isn’t a freshman. But I think just the
placement of the fastball. He got in on Fitzgerald and
that was a big pop-up, and then it was just the location.
The location of the pitch was the key for him, and he
was able to do it in a very tough situation.
Your question about his demeanor, it stays the same all
the time. He’s a pretty flat-lined kid.

Louisville Quotes

DAN McDONNELL: You know, congratulations to
Vanderbilt. Drake was really good on the mound today.
We had our one chance to score against him, and he
pitched out of it. Just like Reid, they had their one
chance to score against Reid, and he pitched out of it.
It was a hard-fought game, and we didn’t play great,
and we still had a chance to win. So I was really
pleased with that.
But it hurts when their best player beats you, and
obviously nothing against JJ or anybody else on their
team, I’m sure there’s days he’s their best player, but
I’m sure they have more than one best player, but
obviously you could say their best player beat us today.
Q. Reid, obviously you pitched well after that first
home run, but what’s the shock like when your first
pitch goes out of the park like that?
REID DETMERS: I mean, you’ve just got to work
through it. I kind of struggled finding the zone early on,
and you’ve just got to go out there and compete and
give it your best.
Q. Reid, like you said, you kind of
uncharacteristically were missing spots today, but
you were still keeping your team in the game.
What’s your mentality as you’re walking people but
still keeping them off the board?
REID DETMERS: Yeah, like I said, just going out there
and competing, giving it my all for my teammates
because that’s what matters. I’m going out there trying
to throw strikes and do my best, and good things will
hopefully happen.
Q. Henry, you had a couple of big swings there in
the middle of the game against Fellows, get that
offense going a little bit. How tough is that guy,
and what do you think allowed you guys to kind of
hang around there and get to him a little bit? And
then that one inning where you guys couldn’t cash
in, how important do you think that was in the
HENRY DAVIS: That was definitely the turning point in
the game where we missed out on an opportunity, but I
still felt like we could win. I think everybody still felt like
we could win after that point. Everybody seemed like
they were seeing the ball, getting good swings, putting
good at-bats together.
Q. Henry, you guys have said a lot this year your
offense is kind of contagious – when one gets
going, everybody gets going. Was there a
disappointment in the fifth when you guys only had
one run and you had the bases loaded?
HENRY DAVIS: No, we felt like we could win the game
at any point. I mean, even in the last inning we were
one swing away with our best hitter at the plate, so we
were in it the whole time.
Q. Reid, Martin of course got you that one swing
but then you were able to get him the next couple
of trips. How good is that guy and what was kind
of your game plan against a guy like that?
REID DETMERS: Yeah, I mean, he’s probably one of
the best we’ve faced all year. As you can tell, he can
basically hit anything anywhere he wants it. So yeah,
you’ve just got to keep the ball down because he
capitalizes on everything that you put up, so you’ve just
got to keep the ball down and make good pitches.
Q. What have you guys enjoyed about being in
Omaha most?
HENRY DAVIS: I’d say spending time with everybody
else on the team. Even here, all the events, even at
the hotel, just spending a lot of time with them, it’s
been a blast.
REID DETMERS: Yeah, I can go along with that, just
being here, the atmosphere, being here with my best
friends. We’re doing everything together, so we’re just
bonding very well, and it’s a very fun place to be.
Q. Have you guys been able to enjoy any of the
scenery in Omaha, visit any restaurants or
HENRY DAVIS: I mean, we’ve been around, but
everybody here has been super nice. The fans and
everything, it’s been awesome. It’s been a great
REID DETMERS: Yeah, we went out to eat a couple
times, just kind of checking out the places around,
talked to a couple fans, and yeah, basically everyone is
super nice here, and it’s been a blast.
Q. What are you going to say to your players to get
ready for the next game?
DAN McDONNELL: Yeah, in the outfield, I just
challenged them a little bit. I didn’t think we played our
best baseball, looked a little bit like our first two games
in the regionals, and maybe it’s having our back
against the wall, maybe it’s playing with a little more
edge. We always say we have to be who we are, and
we play a certain way, a certain style with a certain
type of energy, and I just didn’t think we were that
Hopefully we get back to who we are on Tuesday.
Q. Coach, what’s the scouting report on Austin
Martin? Was it a surprise to you at all that he
swung at the first pitch?
DAN McDONNELL: No. You know, it’s such a long
year that he’s probably done a little bit of everything,
and you’ve got a left-hander throwing 90-plus, you’re
just trying to get ahead. Like Reid said, he’s just a
really good hitter, and even Henry, our catcher, he said
Hoeing made a really good pitch, changeup down,
something really down, and he went and got it.
I know Coach Williams walked out there, we had the
base open. You still have JJ behind him, so it’s not like
you’re going to just intentionally walk him, but you’re
going to try to make good pitches, and he just went
down, and haven’t seen it yet on video, but according
to our catcher, just said, Coach, man, he went down
and hit a good pitch.
Q. Dan, did you make any adjustments in terms of
the approach at the plate? Seemed like you guys
started to have better success the second and third
time through the order against Fellows.
DAN McDONNELL: You know, I don’t want to take a lot
of credit. I mean, I just pulled up the dugout and just
challenged the energy in the dugout, just challenged
our hitters. Until somebody bangs a fastball, he’s just
going to cut us up. Until you bang a fastball. And
fortunately that inning we put some good swings and
we got some hits, and unfortunately with the bases
loaded and one out we couldn’t get any more.
But like Henry said, it’s a 1-1 game and gets to the
seventh there, and we got one of our top relievers on
the mound in Hoeing and we got Kirian and McAvene,
so we felt like we had a chance to hold them, but we’ve
still got to score, and at the end of the day, we scored
one run.
Q. Obviously you guys have said a lot about how
your offense is contagious when you put some hits
together and get people on base. After that fifth
inning did you feel like there was a breakthrough
coming with how well Ray was pitching, kind of
getting in control?
DAN McDONNELL: Yeah, no doubt. You feel like
you’re fortunate for it to be a 1-1 game with Reid just
not as sharp as he was. We didn’t make a couple
plays behind him; we weren’t super sharp in the field.
You know, even when we didn’t score with the bases
loaded, 1-1, you feel like, okay, we haven’t played great
baseball, and we’re facing obviously a great team, and
we’ve got a chance to win this.
I was kind of looking forward to being in a close game.
I don’t know how many close games they’ve been in in
the last few weeks. Didn’t seem like they were in a lot
of close games, where we had been in a handful of
them, in our own regional. So I just felt like a close
game could be a little bit of an advantage to us or —
just didn’t happen.
Q. Coach, just on Fellows, seemed like he was
pretty steady. He’s been steady all year through
the sixth, seventh inning. Did you see him wane at
all or was he as strong late in the outing as he was
DAN McDONNELL: I thought he was just as strong.
It’s really just our hitters getting more comfortable. I
thought he had a lot of life on the fastball early, had
good strike percentage. I think he hit Fitz. He’s got a
high number of HBPs and we felt like we might get a
couple today.
But even in the inning when we put together some hits
and some good at-bats, he made some good pitches to
Fitz and Binelas, and we were hoping to knock him out,
and as I said, hoping to get into their bullpen.
But also realize it’s day one of a tournament, so I don’t
know if anybody is champing at the bit to get into
Vanderbilt’s bullpen. It’s going to be good arms they’re
running out there. But just the goal of knocking out the
starter, and I’m sure that gave them some juice when
we had to make the substitution for Reid, and we were
happy to see Fellows get out of there because
obviously he pitched really well.
Q. You’ve been in Omaha for a few days. What
have you enjoyed about being in Omaha and
DAN McDONNELL: I think our players said it. The
hospitality is really neat. You talk about how nice
everybody is. That’s something they take a lot of pride
in how you treat people, and I’d like to think you don’t
have to be a superstar team to be treated well. We talk
about how you treat anybody is how you’ll treat
everybody. But it’s really neat to see how well you’re
treated out here.
I know the kids enjoy it. That’s what makes it special is
the people. I came as a player. I’ve had a chance to
come as a coach, and I think at the end of the day,
people are going to remember the people the most.
Our players are going to remember just how well they
were treated by everybody.
Q. Do you have a favorite restaurant here in
Omaha? And it’s Father’s Day; do you have any
plans with your family at all to celebrate or with
your other family?
DAN McDONNELL: You know, I kind of migrate to my
hotel room when we’re on the road. I just watch a lot of
video. I just — I love being with friends and family, but
I’ve got a niece, Joeleigh, who graduated from high
school this week in New York. So actually all my family
is up there, which is the right place to be, and for me
just being here with my team is awesome.
I’ll watch this game tonight, start scouting who we
could play on Tuesday, and as our kids know, for me it’s
a business trip. That’s just the way I handle these road
trips. But I’ve got a lot of Citadel buddies that flew out,
which means a lot to me. It means a lot when people
drop everything. It’s just amazing. They’ll turn their
lives upside down and spend a lot of money to be here
and support you. That’s what makes this place
I’ll make time. I’ll make time to be with them as we
prepare for our next game on Tuesday.

Upcoming schedule

Sunday, June 16

Game 4 – Auburn (V) vs. #6 Mississippi St. (H), 7:30 pm ET

Monday, June 17

Game 5 – #5 Arkansas (V) vs. #8 Texas Tech (H), 2 pm ET

Game 6 – Michigan (V) vs. Florida St. (H), 7 pm ET

Tuesday, June 18

Game 7 – #7 Louisville vs. TBA, 2 pm ET

Game 8 – #2 Vanderbilt vs. TBA, 7 pm ET

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