On to SEC Baseball Pick’em Challenge

Fun, Free, The SEC.

  1. Picks are made on series wins. For instance, since there are three games in each SEC series, your winner’s score has only two options: 2-1 or 3-0.
  2. Earn 3 points for correctly picking the series winner. Get 3 more points for picking exact number of games won by the series winner (2 or 3).
  3. Participation in this challenge is free.
  4. There are no prizes for this contest other than the winner gets listed with their name on a crown located the right sidebar of the 14Powers.com pickem site.
  5. Picks can be entered up to 15 minutes prior to the start of the first game of each series.
  6. Easy, free registration for the contest HERE.

Roanoke Wins overall pick’em championship for SEC Basketball 2019

Roanoke completed a sweep on the first SEC men’s basketball pick’em challenge picking up 170 points in the 2nd round. Congratulations to Roanoke and all the other competitors. Get ready for the first SEC Baseball pick’em challenge. You’ll pick which team you believe will win a series and instead of points you’ll enter your predicted wins and losses for the winning team of the series. For instance, 2-1, or 3-0. Like basketball, getting the exact scores earns a bonus to be determined.

Below are the standings at the end of the first half of the SEC Men’s Basketball Pickem. Roanoke is the winner!! We now start the 2nd round of the contest. There will be a winner for that and then later a winner for the overall combined season. Thanks to everyone for their participation.

In the second half of this contest we will not do wildcards. This is because on some browsers the wildcards do not seem to work. Here’s the point setup for the next round. Notice we’ve increased the points awarded for predicting the correct margin of victory for the winner of a game from 2 to 3 points.

Full score: 8 points (The points a user gets for getting the exact/score of a match.

Game winner: 4 points (The points a user gets for correctly picking the winner of a game without also getting the exact score).

Score bonus: 2 points (Extra points a user gets for guessing the correct score for one of the teams).

Margin of victory bonus: 3 points (Extra points a user gets for predicting the correct margin of victory for a game. Must also correctly predict the winner).

1. roanoke 202
2. admin 190
3. amp2003 176
4. Don Yates 18
5. vandyfan22 14
6. DeefromAtlanta 8
7. NateSY 2
8. cjdore 0
9. Test User 0