Welcome to SECond to none Pickem!

Welcome to our SEC Pickem game page.  This contest is in no way affiliated with the Southeastern Conference.  There are NO prizes awarded in this contest; this is for fun only.  We will predict all SEC basketball, football and baseball contests (baseball will be series predictions).  You’ll get points for more than just picking the winner.  You get points for correctly picking the margin of victory in a game, correctly predicting the points scored by a team. There is also a wildcard which is indicated by a gold star.  When you go in to do your predictions you’ll see a gray star by each game listed.  If you feel really confident about your prediction for a particular contest, click on the grey star to make it gold and that’ll be your wildcard for that set of games.   You’ll get extra points if you are correct on that one.  You’ll also have the ability to see what  the other participants are predicting and which game they used their joker for.  You can change your predictions up to 15 minutes prior to the first game of that group of games.  Please also see the “rules” above.

Getting started

You’ll need to setup a free account for this contest. The forum logins will not work. Click login if you need to register or already have an account. You’ll need to use a real email address.  You are welcome to use the same username, email address and password as you have for the forums. Please write this info down in case you forget it.  Once you signup and verify your email address you can click on the “Prediction sheet” link above to make your picks.

Note, this pickem contest was converted from a soccer pickem contest for the world cup.  If you see “matches” and “goals” used in verbiage just convert them in your head to “games” and “points”.  Bear with use, we’ve never done an actual pickem game with this software.  Let us know of strange happenings.  We hope you enjoy our pickem game.

Don Yates, 14Powers.com