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Titans history on MNF - part 2

Discuss Nashville's NFL team here, the Tennessee Titans.

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Titans history on MNF - part 2

Post by Titans309fan » Mon Nov 26, 2018 5:55 am

After beating the Cowboys a few weeks ago, the Titans have another road MNF game in Texas tonight. The Titans have won 6 of their last 7 MNF games, one of which was against the Texans on the road this very week in 2009.

For whatever reason, the bigger the underdog the Titans are this year, the more likely they win the game. The Texans have been scraping by each week during this 7 game game win streak, and they are certainly due for a loss.

The Titans are also seeking their first sweep of the Texans since 2007.

While a Titans loss all but ends any hope of winning the division, getting the 2nd wildcard spot is certainly in play. The Titans play 4 terrible teams in their last 5 games (Jets, Jags, Giants, Redskins), and the final game will likely be in the freezing cold in Nashville against the indoor Colts. (the Titans have done a great job of winning that final divisional game the last few years). 10-6 should be enough.
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