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Kyndall Golden

For fan discussion of the Vanderbilt Commodore women's basketball program, games and recruiting.

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Kyndall Golden

Post by MikeADore » Sat Apr 17, 2021 9:35 am

The roster at still shows Kyndall Golden on the team, though I'm sure she was one of the first to enter the transfer portal. The three who have actually committed to other teams, Hall, Love and Newby, have been removed from the roster. (also Akira Levy)

Anyone heard anything? I'm still assuming she is leaving. If she is still actually on the roster, that means we have 10 players returning. With three recruits already signed, and another, Sacha Washington, committed and, as far as we know, still coming, that gets us up to 14. If the Gardner kid from Chicago, who committed Christmas day, is actually coming, that's 15. Full house. No room for transfers.

Now, I have doubts Gardner is actually coming. There has been a signing day since she committed, and it seems she would have been signed if she was coming. So, let's assume that opens a spot and gives us 14 on the roster.

I have to assume Golden was serious about leaving and just hasn't landed anywhere yet. That could open another spot and get us to 13 on the roster, leaving room for two transfers or new recruits. And, there's still the question of whether Washington, also a 4* recruit, is actually going to sign. If not, that reduces the roster to 12 and leaves coach Ralph with three openings.

It's frustrating we don't have a way to get answers to questions about the program. Actually, there probably is, and we just aren't aware of it.
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