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Del Rosario Tranfers to Webb School in Bell Buckle

For fan discussion of the Vanderbilt Commodore women's basketball program, games and recruiting.

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Del Rosario Tranfers to Webb School in Bell Buckle

Post by MikeADore » Wed Oct 13, 2021 8:07 pm

Aalyah Del Rosario, the 13th ranked player in the class of ’23, has transferred to Webb School, about 50 miles down the road in Bell Buckle. I don’t know if she has a Vandy offer in hand, but coach Ralph and Ashley Earley both follow her on twitter, so there’s definite interest. She’s 6’5 and, according to ESPN, has a smooth and powerful post game. Last summer they had her ranked among the Top 10 prospects in the country regardless of class.

On the surface, it seems quite odd that such a highly touted prospect would transfer to such a tiny school (330 students in grades 6 thru 12) in such a tiny, out-of-the-way place, but Webb is not your everyday country school. It has an excellent academic reputation and, the past few years, has excelled in women’s basketball.

There are 19 players on the varsity roster, and seven of those are from a foreign country….eight if you count the Bronx.

Del Rosario is not only a player coveted by many major programs, she is also, by her own account, very academically oriented.

She was born in Texas but grew up mostly in the Dominican Replublic. She’s been back in the states since 7th grade and talks about how her academic performance has increased along with her knowledge of English. She’s transferring from an academy in Trenton, N.J. Bell Buckle might seem more like home to a Dominican girl than New Jersey does.

I don’t know if having her so close gives Vandy any big advantage in this day and age, but it can’t hurt. Obviously, it won’t be hard to get down there to see her and you would think unofficial visits could be easily arranged if she is interested,

I came across her name on the UConn board where someone was lamenting the fact that Del Rosario was transferring into enemy territory, thinking she was going to Webb School in Knoxville. Someone corrected that and said it was actually Nashville. I figured it was probably Bell Buckle, which was correct. There is another Dominican kid on the roster, a year younger and an inch shorter at 6’4. I have no idea how good she is, but in my fantasy, a package deal is not out of the question.
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Re: Del Rosario Tranfers to Webb School in Bell Buckle

Post by abvandy » Thu Oct 14, 2021 9:18 am

MikeADore -- Your input on this board is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

CONQUER!!..., and PREVAIL!!!
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