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Scrimmage Today and Other News

For discussion regarding the Vanderbilt Commodores' football program.

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Scrimmage Today and Other News

Post by Seadog73 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 7:40 am

I hope some in the Nashville area will get by and post their observations here. I say that even though it seems VU is doing a much better job of publicizing what is happening, especially on Twitter and Instagram (I need to sign up for the latter).

PS - Just got on VU football Instagram. Great site. Video content from practice with commentary by Barton Simmons and Earl Bennett among other things. Check it out.

Also, some big announcement coming from ADCSL and the Chancellor Monday at 11 Eastern / 10 Central. I got an email about it yesterday. Not sure if it went to just B&G Club members or past and present NCC members or who. But I plan to listen in and will report back as I am able.
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