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The new rules for being a fan of college basketball

For discussion of Vanderbilt Commodores men's basketball games and recruiting.

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The new rules for being a fan of college basketball

Post by AuricGoldfinger » Sat Apr 24, 2021 12:08 pm

This advice is applicable to a fan of any program and not just Vanderbilt...

1. As another poster pointed out, accept that you are cheering for laundry:

2. Adjust your expectations before every season. At this point, you literally don't know who is going to show up to play for your team until the very first tip of the ball. Every season will be a new adventure. In most years we'll have no idea what kind of team we'll be fielding.

3. Hope that you are cheering for players and coaches who will reflect your school's values and respect your traditions.

4. Pray that your coach can play the new game of roster management and can coach a motley group of players into something resembling a team by the time conference play starts.

5. Don't get attached emotionally to any one player.

6. See rule #1.
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